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        Product Details

        Solar Energy Storage Battery System
          FBTech 48V Battery System supports solar energy storage of both commercial and industrial purposes. The system is built from integration of LiFePO4 Basic Storage Battery in parallel connection with BMS (Battery Management System) for protection and communication.


          48V Battery System


          The information contained in this document is subject to change without prior notice and for reference only.

          It should not be used as a basis for product guarantee or warranty.

          # Please consult us for more models beyond this list.

        Standard Lineup

        Operating voltage 48V and 51.2V

        Typical Basic Storage Battery 48V100Ah while more options from 48V10Ah/20Ah/30Ah/50Ah/70Ah

        Optional capacity in cabinet size 200Ah ~ 600Ah



        Multiple of Communications Storage Battery ES48100 of nominal voltage 48V in parallel connection

        Each basic storage battery with built-in intelligent BMS effectively prevent battery overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and over-temperature

        • Standard 19-inch rack-mount durable enclosure for plug & play replacement

        • Equipped with RS485/RS232 communication

        • Standard BMS with options for charging current limit in parallel connection (programmable ON/OFF)

        • Efficient & long-lasting service life

        Custom Manufacturing
        Custom Battery System is available through integration of more basic storage battery

        Battery Systems of different operating voltage, capacity etc.

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