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        Product Details

        Cylindrical NiMH Batteries
          Rechargeable NiMH batteries are applicable to many electronic devices, mobile and telecom products. - It replaces primary batteries to be much less dispose of batteries that it is always environment friendly. - As of IEC standard, the cycle life can be up 1000 times and capacity more than 2700mAh for both industrial and consumer markets.


             •All NiMH batteries meet IEC standard with cycle life > 500 times.

             •Certified high quality meets international safety standard such as EN62133 and UL.

             •High drain discharging or special discharging requirements are also available.
             •Model variety: A, AA, AAA, C, D, F, 9V.



             •Single cells are assembled as battery pack for high voltage and power output applications.



             • Electric Power Tools

             • Video Game Console

             • Remote Controller

             • Cordless Phone

             • Electric Shaver

             • Camera

             • Clock

             • Toys


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