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        Company Profile

        We live in an era of energy at your fingertips. Every step we take is consumption of primary energy. In continuing to explore the road of new energy, we put our effort to maintain a green life. FBTech, with 20 years of battery know-how, contributes for the green life continuously that we believe in by heart, “Go Green, Lead the Lives”.

        Incorporated in 1999 and now with new development, we have renamed our group as FBTech since 2014. We have established 3 manufacturing plants, FBTech New Energy, FBTech Electronics and FBTech Industrial. We major in LiFePO4, Li-ion and NiMH battery business with focus on New Energy Research and Development, Manufacturing as well as Sales and Marketing. Our manufacturing facilities have total campus area of 120,000 square meters. Our batteries cover the areas from Consumer Electronic Devices to Energy Storages & Electric Vehicle.

        With leading position in the first top three of NiMH cells production, we are proud of our customers' support to our products and services. Our production of LiFePO4 cells production reaches about 3GWh, which make us the 2nd largest production in China for cyclindrical LFP cells. 

        FBTech’s factories are equipped with state-of-art facilities and equipment for R &D as well as production certified with quality system ISO9001, ISO14000 & BSCI. Environmental and Safety standard are well controlled and complied with up-to-date certifications such as EN, UL, RoHS and CE, BIS. Our production and batteries are fully qualified for high end OEM industrial market.
        We have a Quality Assurance and Inspection System to control and assure all batteries that are in good quality and meet international standard with best performance and safety compliance.
        FBTech Team is always focusing on providing the best products and services to many customers for a better and Low Carbon Living.
        With leading edge technology, strong research and development and well-established sales network, FBTech has been becoming one of famous battery manufacturers. We have also been appointed as an OEM business partner by most of the worldwide brands and corporations.
        FBTech’s development is harmonic that the management is well taken care by company executives with talented staffs. Our mission is to aggregate customers, suppliers, investors, staffs and all area of sources for integration and reformation so that we are able to create better products and quality services continuously and that to contribute to the community in return. For the past decade of development and experiences, we are not just a company of battery only but have built up a platform for our next generations to grow their careers and make their dreams come true.
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